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Here at Rolla Games, we are passionate about bringing people together through footy! Supporting local communities and promoting grassroots footy is at the forefront of everything we do. This is why we're partnering with local schools, clubs and community groups to spread the benefits of footy whilst raising funds for the groups that need it most. When you fundraise with Rolla Games, you're partnering with a small, local Aussie business who cares about the success of your efforts.

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1. Register your interest

Choose the length of your fundraising campaign and decide when you want to distribute the game.

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2. Promote your fundraiser

We provide you with all of the marketing materials you need to promote and share your fundraiser.

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3. Leave the hard work to us

All purchases are made through a unique, secure link - no messy money handling or order forms.

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4. Distribute the orders

We deliver all of the orders to your chosen location where games can be distributed.

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5. Receive your funds

At the completion or your fundraiser, $5 for the sale of each game is deposited to your bank account.

How it Works

As small business owners, we understand how busy life can be. Traditional fundraising is time-intensive, requires a whole footy team (almost!) of volunteers and can be a task to organise. This is why we've tried to make it as easy as possible for your club or organisation to get involved, while we do all of the hard work for you. 

After you've register your interest and answered a couple of easy questions, we get to work creating a custom checkout link that's unique to your fundraiser. We provide you with email templates, social media posts and other marketing assets which can be used to share this link around your school, club or organisation. 

Parents, family members and friends simply follow this link to purchase a game and automatically give $5 back into the community. It's really that easy. At the end of the fundraising campaign, we pack up all of the orders and deliver (for free) to the location of your choice, where games can then be distributed to buyers. All of the funds raised are deposited into your chosen bank account and can be put to good use buying new equipment or funding your next big project.  

For every order of Mad for Footy purchased through your organisation's unique checkout link, we donate $5 (incl. GST) back to you! At the end of your fundraising campaign, we total all of the orders and deposit the funds raised to your chosen bank account in one lump sum. Please note that all orders must be placed through your provided link - any purchases made through our website or by other means won't be included in the fundraising campaign. 

For schools, sporting clubs and community groups, we recommend running your fundraising initiative for no longer than 2-3 weeks at a time, no more than twice a year.

At the completion of your fundraising campaign, we pack the total number of orders placed through your checkout link, and send these to your chosen distribution location (school, club room etc…) We recommend choosing a delivery location that purchasers attend frequently and from where they can easily pick up their orders. For organisations based in the Perth metro area, we aim to have your order delivered within 5 business days. For all other locations around Australia, please allow for 10-12 business days for delivery. 

Because the ordering process is done entirely through an online checkout link, we recommend digital forms of promotion including emails, social media posts and online newsletters as the best way to share your fundraiser. This way, parents, family members and friends simply need to click on a button or a link and will be taken straight to the purchase page. For more traditional forms of marketing, we also supply you with a QR code which can be printed in newsletters, on posters etc… and still allows purchasers an easy way to buy.  

At the completion of your fundraiser, we aim to have the funds deposited into your bank account within 3 business days. Please note, that we total all orders throughout the fundraising period and deposit this in one lump sum after the agreed-upon end date of the fundraising campaign.  

When you register your interest of holding a fundraiser with us, we send you an easy questionnaire which asks for the desired distribution location and date / time. We include this information in the unique checkout link provided to you, so that buyers are aware of when and where they can collect their orders. When we deliver the final order of games to you, we also provide a packing list which includes the buyers names and your choice of one other form of identifying information (example: team name, division, class number, year level etc…). 

Unfortunately not. All individual orders placed through the fundraising campaign must be picked up from the specified distribution location, at the given day/time. Once the orders are delivered to the chosen location, it is not the responsibility of Rolla Games to distribute them to their individual buyers.

Please refer to our Refund Policy.

Once the goods have been delivered to the chosen distribution location, they become the responsibilty of the fundraising organisation. Rolla Games takes no responsibilty for damage or loss of quality incurred following delivery.