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Holding a Sherrin AFL football in front of a score board.
navy blue ripped paper texture
navy blue ripped paper texture
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- Quick to setup.

- Easy to follow rules.

- Wet weather? No problem.

- Ideal for any indoor area.

- How to videos.

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- Suitable for Year 3 up!

- Perfect for relief teachers.

- Lunch time competitions.

- Take it out of school.

(E.g: Aged Homes)

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- Inclusive of all abiltiies.

- Games are short & fast.

- Manage winning and losing.

- Inspire kids to kick a footy at break times.

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- Learn the rules & terminology of footy.

- Complement an AFL practical program.

- Mathematical strategies.

In The classroom

Mad for Footy was founded in the classroom to fulfil a need for inclusion and acceptance. Rolla Games co-founder Matt, a primary school teacher himself, developed the game as a way to unite his students and generate engagement, particularly from those who hadn't been exposed to Australian Rules Football previously. It allows students to learn the basic rules of footy and understand how the game is played, all while having heaps of fun in a format that is tailored to suit every skill level and ability.

Positive Social Impacts

"I started my career at a foundation school where students didn't have established friendship groups and came from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Although most of my students had never been exposed to AFL, I decided to introduce the game into my classroom and the results were overwhelmingly positive. It didn't take long before students from all year levels started coming to my class at lunchtimes to play the game together. Girls were playing the boys and older students were helping their younger friends. The dedicated footy fans in the group were helping to teach the rules to those new to the game. The positive impacts the game has had on my students, particularly those at-risk, is beyond anything I could have imagined."

Matt - Year 5 Primary School Teacher

Aussie Rules Football Board Game creator, Matt.

School Benefits

Mad for Footy is the easiest and most exciting introduction to Australian Rules Football that encourages students to develop sportsmanship and social mannerisms, while promoting values or respect, inclusion and acceptance in the classroom. Our game provides a simple and effective way for teachers to get kids involved and build meaningful relationships with their peers, particularly those who don't respond as well to traditional forms of learning.